Friday, April 29, 2011


So, I went to the doctor yesterday because I have a pretty bad sinus infection. And ofcourse, I had to get on the scale. UGH. Needless to say, I was not happy. At. All. I'm a serial dieter. I've done weight watchers off and on for the last 4-5 years. And it works great. But I love food. So my weight has fluctuated a lot. I already have self esteem issues because of comments from an ex boyfriend, so this has got to stop.

I ordered Healthy Trim a few days ago. I'm gonna give it a try. Also, I start a bootcamp on Monday (May 2nd). I'm actually really looking forward to it, although it's going to kick my ass. It's 4 days a week, for an hour, for the entire month of May. I figure doing that and eating less (and hopefully healthier), I'll have to lose something, right? I'm ready for a change to a better, and happier me.

So, like I said in my very first post, a lot of the reason I wanted to start this blog, is to write down my goals. It's hard to make a goal for losing weight in a certain amount of time, because you never know how your body will react to a diet and working out. But, I'm hoping at the end of May, I will have lost atleast 15lbs. That's kind of high number, but I've done it before. In all, I'd like to lose about 40lbs. I'm hoping I can do that in 3-4 months. We'll see! Although I'm not telling you my weight, I will update every week or so, of my progress. It's time to get skinny for summer! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Chaotic post

I have a lot on my mind today.. So this post will probably hit a lot of unrelated topics, just warning you.

Ok so I took a picture of my nails. I went and got a manicure and they used the new shellac product on them. I have to say so far, I'm pretty impressed. Goes on like polish, wears like gel (that's what the box said). They feel like they really will last for two weeks.

Now, you are limited to the colors that they have. But I knew I wanted red anyway. So I'd definitely recommend it!

Ok moving on. I went last week to see the movie Hanna. It was really good! Different, but good. You have to pay attention though.

Alright new topic. So the new guy I'm seeing, I'll call him T. We've been seeing each other roughly a month. I like him a lot, and I personally don't want to date anyone else. He's met my parents. He even came over yesterday for our Easter lunch that we always have. So, it feels like we're "together" even though we haven't had the whole exclusive/what are we conversation. But, I'm a girl and it drives me nuts not knowing what we are. But, I don't really want to bring it up. Some days I feel pretty confident.. others I'm checking my phone every 5 minutes to see if he has texted me. Does anyone else go through this.. Or am I the only one out there? It's frustrating for me.. the wondering.. all the time. I know I should just go with the flow, and let things happen naturally. Which I've done pretty well so far, but you know what? I'm 24 years old and I'm ready to find the person I want to be with forever. I don't like wasting my time with games that some guys play. So it's been incredibly hard not to just be like, " Ok so what are we?" But then he'd probably think I was crazy. So I will continue to wait... and see what happens. If anyone has advice on this situation, please share :)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

All things girly

So this week I've been missing feeling girly and "put together". I work at a small a/c company and can pretty much wear whatever I want. As long as it's not a t-shirt. So most days, I roll out of bed throw my hair up in a ponytail or messy bun and head to work. Don't usually even wear makeup, because I don't care lol. No one sees me. I'm stuck in an office with no window, at a computer. So today I actually got up, showered, blow dried and straightened my hair. And I actually have mascara on. Now, I'm not the type to go to dinner, out with friends, on a date, etc with no make up on. But at work I don't care.

Yesterday I was thinking that it had been awhile since I really felt like I got to get dressed up and feel pretty. What can I say? Sometimes it makes me feel good to put a dress and a shit-ton of makeup on and dance tipsily with my friends. So, hopefully I will get a chance to this weekend.

Ah I also just heard of this new thing where you can actually get schlack on your nails. Apparently, it helps your manicure last for 2 weeks. That's a long time for nail polish not to chip! I think I'm going to try it today or tomorrow. I'll follow up with pictures and a review of if it actually works ;)

Now for music. I normally listen to mostly rock music. From indie acoustic to screamo. But, this week I've really been enjoying some chick music. So I will leave you with some music that I've been jamming in my car this week. For the record, I don't usually like depressing girl music. I like the upbeat stuff that you can happily bob your head to while driving. :)

Kate Nash- "Pumpkin Soup", "Merry Happy", "Foundations"
Ingrid Michaelson- "Parachute", "The Way I am"


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My weekend

Let's see.. Friday.. went to hang with the guy I've been seeing. Not real eventful. I picked up some cheap amaretto and sour mix and made my own amarettos sours that were delicious! (and much cheaper than at a bar) He on the other hand drank beer. We watched a movie called Peep World.. It was different but kept us entertained.

Saturday- Woke up, he made me breakfast.. Bagels and kolaches.. yum :).. I love food if you can't tell.
We were outside a lot of the day by his pool. He was grilling shish kabobs (sp?) and I had my feet in the pool and played with his dogs lol. We ended up swimming for about 30 minutes (one of his dogs joined). It was adorable. I'm a HUGE animal lover btw. I was actually a veterinary technician for a little over 3 years. I miss that.
But anyways.. lol I've been told more than once that I like animals more than people. Which I can't completely deny. I actually have a polydactyl cat. (Don't worry I'll explain and post a few pics) His name is Ringo (I'm a huge Beatles fan) and he's fat and orange. He is by far, the best cat I've ever had/met. He has the personality of a dog. I swear. He follows me around everywhere, wants to cuddle all day, and would rather you pet him than have food most times. So back to polydactyl- pretty much it's a deformity that causes cats to have more than the normal amount of toes. Therefore, their front paws look like mittens.

Here's a couple pictures of my Ringo boy

Can you see his mitten hands? I'll have to post more later.

Well now that I got off on a tangent about animals (sorry about that) lol. So let's see.. Saturday night we went to see Scream 4. Let me first say that I am a huge horror movie fan. Love them.. even the cheesy ones.. I'll go see because I still enjoy them. I like most of the Scream movies.. Scream 3 was probably my least favorite. But,  in Scream 4, Wes Craven redeemed himself. Loved it! I jumped, maybe even screamed once.. and definitely was grabbing my date's arm a lot. Plus, the ending surprised me. Gotta love that! So I recommend it if you liked even one of the previous Scream movies.

Sunday- Decided to wake up and go to the beach with my friend, Kristena. Now, if you're from Texas, you know that Galveston beach is gross. The water is usually brown.. on a good day it may have a tint of green. Thanks Mississippi River, thanks.
So even though we don't get in the water, we still enjoy laying out on the beach. It was a gorgeous day! No clouds, and windy so you didn't get hot. Kristena was actually cold lol but I loved it. We were only there about an hour and a half but you wouldn't know it from my tomato red legs! Ugh they hurt. Bad. But I needed some sun. Looking a little pasty lately.

So here's some pictures from the beach:


So that was my weekend. How was yours?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Recap of the concert and the upcoming weekend :)

Soo.. The concert was great! Yellowcard was amazing live and then All Time Low blew my socks off. Although, I believe my friend and I were the oldest people there. You know how when you see kids acting ridiculous.. and you think to yourself, "I never acted that stupid".. even though I'm pretty sure that I did. The girls in front of us were 14.. made me feel ancient. But either way we had a great time!

Here are a couple pictures from the concert:

And if you're wondering, yes those are bras hanging from the mic stand lol.

Now for the weekend. Let's see tonight I'm going to see the new guy I've been seeing. We haven't had the "exclusive talk" yet, but I'm hoping it will come up soon. Trying to stay cool and go with the flow for now ;). BUT, he's wanting to go swimming tonight. Which usually I'm all for, but I'm not exactly ready to get into my bikini. I've been eating horrible lately. I'm a firm believer in Weight Watchers and it has worked great for me in the past, but lately I haven't been following it. I also keep hearing all the radio commercials for Healthy Trim and I'm contemplating trying that. Any ladies have tips or advice for how you've gotten bikini-ready for summer?

Ah I think I forgot to mention how much I love tattoos. They're very addicting. So I will leave you with two pictures of mine.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Post! Here we go...

So, let me start this with the fact that I'm very new to this. Blogging I mean. I decided to start this because I'm at a point in my life where I feel that actually writing down (or typing), my feelings, experiences, thoughts, etc will benefit me. Especially goals. I'm bad about keeping goals, so if they're down in writing, maybe I'll be more apt to do them. All that said, I plan on this being a very random blog. About anything and everything. About life, I guess.

Hmm.. so today has been rather boring. BUT, tonight I am going to a concert with one of my best and oldest friends, Kristena. We are going to see All Time Low, and Yellowcard will also be there. All Time Low is actually very pop-sounding compared to what I usually listen to. But, needless to say, I love them. So, I plan on taking quite a few pictures tonight with my iPhone and camera. Will hopefully be posting them soon. I think that is all for now.