Monday, May 9, 2011

If you frequently think someone is sharing TMI, don't read this

Ok, so my two best friends and I can talk about anything. And I mean literally anything from sex, farting, periods, etc. That's just the way we are, and I wouldn't want it any other way. So, I forgot to write about what else happened on Friday night. It's pretty mortifying.
 So as I said before, I had a crappy Friday. Got to T's house and he had flowers waiting for me. Definitely put me in a better mood, but I still needed a drink. So we decided to have a low-key night in and watch movies. We picked up Whataburger (yum and I know, bad considering I've been trying to lose weight). When we got back to his house, I decided to add some vodka to my Sprite. We watched The Switch, with Jennifer Aniston, which ended up being very cute! I continued to add vodka to my sprite and refilling my sprite lol. Then we watched some kung fu movie, that I couldn't tell you the title of. I ended up probably drinking about, I'm gonna guess 8-10oz of vodka. May have been more, not sure. Let's just say I put a good dent into the huge bottle of vodka I had. So I was feeling good!
So, we ended up having some pretty great sex in the shower, atleast from what I remember and what he said haha. So we get in bed, naked, and all of a sudden the room is spinning. I don't remember much of what I said. I just remember saying, "I don't want to puke in your bed." Nice, right?
So I stumble/run to the bathroom and begin vomiting. Ugh, I hate throwing up. But you know what's worse? Throwing up, NAKED, in front of the guy you like. I was mortified. I remember apologizing profusely, which probably made me look even more ridiculous. Of course, sweetheart that he is, brought me a pillow to sit on (because I was on the floor), and even sat on the floor with me, holding my hair back and rubbing my back. I mean, I'm impressed with how he handled me in this horrific state.

If this story was TMI, sorry! But, I had to share because it's embarassing and a little funny and gross.


  1. Hahaha! Classic :) Poor thing, how mortifying. Sounds like he handled it with class though. Hope the hangover wasn't too awful!

  2. Lol yes it was definitely mortifying! Hangover wasn't too bad (I think I got most of it out of my system ;)) Thanks for the comment!