Thursday, June 2, 2011

Update on... Lots of things

Update #1 The Boy:

Alright, well this last weekend, I was planning on finally asking T if we are exclusively dating or not. Especially, since we were going to be drinking. You know, a liitle liquid courage. Well, it didn't end up happening. There just wasn't a time where we were really alone. So, I decided yesterday to just ask him in a text, since we only see each other on the weekends. I was pretty matter-of-fact about it, or atleast I tried to be.  So, I'm going to paraphrase our text convo.

Me: "So, I've been meaning to ask you, there just hasn't been a good time. Are we exclusively dating?"

T: "I'm not good with titles, but I've been telling people for a month that I have a gf...."

So the whole "not good with titles" thing confuses me. Either we're together or not, you know?
So, then he goes on to tell me all the things he's not happy about in his life, and that he feels like he takes for granted what a genuine person I am,etc. At this point I'm thinking, is this a nice way to break up with me before I even thought we were together? But then he said he was just explaining that he has a lot he's stressed about right now that's making him not happy. So, as a result, this conversation was a bit disappointing to me. I was hoping to remember something a little happier about when we decided that we're together. Although, I'm a hopeless romantic, and always have high hopes for things like this. I told my two best friends about all this, and was told that I need to guard my heart. I do seem to fall fast for guys, especially when they're as sweet as he is. But, I'm taking their advice and going to take a step back. Things only get more complicated as you get older! I don't want to waste my time either, if it's not going anywhere serious. If anyone has any advice on this, I'd be more than happy to hear what you have to say!

Update #2 Workout Plans:

My friends and I have decided not to do the second summer session of bootcamp. I decided not to for a couple reasons. It's $100, and money is tight for me right now, and also the constant running is not good for my knees. So, instead, we've decided to get gym memberships together, that way we'll actually go! Plus, it's only $10 a month, and there are a lot of classes. I can't wait to try their yoga class. Oh how I've missed yoga! If you've never gone to a class, you're missing out! It's so relaxing, yet you still sweat and get a great workout. I'm going to sign up today with Kristena. I'm actually excited! I've already gained some muscle, now I'm ready to lose the pounds.

Update #3 My Eyelash Extensions:

So, like I said they were only $20 and I love them! It's been a week today, and they still look pretty darn good. I'm curious to see how funny they look when they start to fall off though. They were perfect for our camping weekend. I didn't really wear makeup, yet I looked like I had it on. Awesome!
Here's a pic, the day I got them:

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. The extensions look great! Man a guy that won't label is shitty, mine asked me to be his girlfriend after five days, and now its been five years lol

    I love the gym, I have never been to yoga before but I want to go!

  2. $10 for a gym membership and $20 for eyelash extensions? Wow, I pay $60 at the YMCA and eyelash extensions here are $200+. You're lucky -- and they look great on you.

  3. i found your blog via my friend's comments!

    1- boys are so lame! the no titles thing is annoying.
    2- i'm so jealous of those eyelash extensions!