Friday, July 22, 2011


In 4 hours I will be in the car on my way to Austin with my friends! Yayy! I'm extremely excited. As I thought, yesterday I didn't end up seeing T, so I went shopping at Forever21. Gah do I love that store! Cute stuff for cheap. I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun with my girls.

Tonight, we'll probably get to our hotel at about 9pm, change, and then hit the town! Not sure where we're going tonight, but that's half the fun. We'll probably just randomly bar hop on 6th street. If you've never been to 6th street in Austin, you need to go! It's a whole street that's filled with bars and blocked off at night, so there's tons of people on the street.

Tomorrow, we're going to Barton Springs during the day to cool off and get some sun, and then more bar hopping! I am making sure to bring pepto tablets, ibuprofen, and bottles of water to help our hangovers. We'll probably put a bottle of water on our pillows so when we get home and aren't coherent, it'll just be right there lol. Hopefully, I'll have lots of pictures.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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