Monday, July 25, 2011

Well, no more T..

Ok so on last Thursday, I was a bit frustrated with the boy. He just wasn't putting in the effort. So, I had a great time in Austin with my girlfriends. I got home yesterday evening and I decided to just text him and ask him what's going on with us, because I was just getting a vibe that he's just not as into the relationship as I am. Turns out, I was right. He texted me back this long explanation.

The gist of his text was that he was so sorry that he's so busy and doesn't have the time to put his heart into our relationship right now. That's understandable because he is extremely busy, but I feel like if he REALLY wanted to make it work, we'd figure it out. And I'm SUPER annoyed that he'd obviously been thinking about this but he was too much of a baby to say anything. He had to wait until I brought it up. And I think this is the first time I've ever ended a relationship through an effing text message! lol I should've known. He was never big on talking about feelings, but geez could have atleast called me!

 Ugh, whatever. I'm hoping we'll stay friends, but who knows. He has some of my things at his house so idk when I'll be getting them. He was a really nice, sweet guy, but I wasn't in love with him yet, so I'm thankful for that. Won't be near as hard to get over. I'm even buying myself a breakup gift. A new vibrator ;) haha

I think I'll make a new post for my pictures from Austin now. Check back if you want to see them :)


  1. Sorry about the breakup but new sex toys are always fun!

  2. Men! At least it didn't come as a total shock. Sorry. On to bigger and better things! ha ha ha :)

  3. Thanks Erin :) and yes they are! haha

    Rachellabelle- you're right about that.. hahaha I literally laughed out loud at my desk when I read your comment!

  4. The jackalope is officially the greatest. animal. ever. Especially because YOU CAN RIDE IT.