Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Insecurities are about as useful as trying to put the pin back in the grenade

I'm SO effing stoked that I will be seeing Incubus live for the fourth time, this Friday night! I had a decision to make. Blink 182 (one of my other all-time favorite bands) was here in Houston this past Monday. Because of money issues, I had to pick between seeing them or Incubus this week. But, when I really thought about it, the decision was easy. Blink is a fun band to see, no doubt. But, at this point in my life, I'm looking for inspiration. Whether you like Incubus' music or not, there's no denying that if you really listen to the words, they're very thought provoking.

I love music in general, but when a song can really make you think about your life and what you're doing, it's pretty amazing. I love it.

If you don't know much about Brandon Boyd, he's a very deep individual. Everything he says or writes is incredibly intelligent. Plus, he's definitely not hard on the eyes!

I respect him so much because he's so passionate about what he does. I only wish I was.
So, here's to hoping that seeing them live again, will spark something in me and get me moving towards what I'm excited about.

I will leave you with some pictures and my favorite Brandon Boyd quotes.

I will for sure be buying this book, and probably others, soon!

He has a number of books and art for sale. Check it out here, if you'd like.

"I'll make music, whether or not anyone is listening, for the rest of my life. It's a natural form of expression for me, the same way I draw and write and sing." -Brandon Boyd 

"I think perhaps love thrives on unlikely circumstance and chance: life thrives on these principles, and is life not love? And love not life?" -Brandon Boyd, White Fluffy Clouds

"Music has always been my back door to life. It is important for people to find something that excites them. I like the concept that if you do what excites you, you will be rewarded generously, whatever form reward takes, which is not necessarily money." -Brandon Boyd

Here's to an inspirational week! :)

Weigh in #2!

Last night was my second Weight Watcher's meeting. I got my best friend, Kristena to go with me this time too. So, I stepped on the scale, hoping that I had atleast lost 2 pounds, when.....
I had lost 5.6 lbs!

Now, since this was my first week, I'm definitely not expecting to lose this much every time. But I'm really hoping I can keep a 2 lb loss per week going. I think what really helped me this week was tracking. I downloaded the WW mobile app, so I can put in absolutely everything I eat so I know I won't go over my points. I now have 15 weeks until the wedding. If I really can lose 2 pounds a week until then. I will lose a total of 35.6 lbs. Which would just put me in the 150's.

I don't want to get ahead of myself though. Small goals first! 5% of my starting body weight would be 9lbs. I'm hoping to hit that next week. That means I only have to lose 3.4 lbs.

So here are the stats:

Starting weight (week 1)- 195

Week 2 weight- 189.4

Total lost so far- 5.6

Monday, September 26, 2011

Recap of my weekend in Dallas with awkward boy (aka R)

I hate to admit this. But on my way to see R, I stopped at Jack in the Box for some tacos and fries (I fit them into my WW plan, I promise!). And then when I was about 30 minutes from his place, I decided to add some vodka to my diet coke. I had to. I couldn't be stone-cold sober when I got there, especially if he was going to be his awkward self. So, needless to say I drove very careful and was feeling good when I pulled into his apartment complex.

I got out of my car and he came out to help me carry my things. We got up to his apartmentand immediately went into his bedroom. What can I say.. alcohol makes me horny and very forward. And SURPRISINGLY, the sex was great and not uncomfortable at all. We both passed out after that. Mostly because he had to be up at 3:30am to go to work. He worked from 4:30-11:30am. So, I pretty much slept and played with these little guys....

Now, since there were UFC fights on this Saturday, we had planned on going to a local bar to grab a few drinks and watch them. Let me remind you, by 5pm Saturday, I had not left his apartment since I arrived the night before. I was looking forward to getting dolled-up and going out. Especially, since I had been bumming in my pjs all day. All of a sudden, at 6:30pm, he decides that the bar will be too crowded and that he's just "not feeling it". He asks me if I mind if we just stay in and order the fights. I'm a people pleaser, so I told him that although I'd enjoy going out, if he really wanted, we could stay in. So we did.

Maybe I'm being a bitch about this, but I had packed some really cute outfits and saved some spending money for us to atleast go to dinner. But, nope, we ate sloppy joes and watched the fights on the couch in our pjs. Is it just me or does that already sound like a married couple? I mean geez.. the beginning is supposed to be the fun part. This whole situation just left a bad taste in my mouth.

I literally left his apartment ONCE the entire weekend. And that was right before the fights, when (in my sweats) I decided that I needed some vodka from the liquor store. Not even one dinner out.

It also didn't help that he kept asking me, "Do you feel comfortable around me?" To which I replied, "yes". I wanted to say, "Um, yes I'm comfortable, but you asking me that, makes me feel uncomfortable..duh!"

All in all, the weekend was less awkward than last time. But, I still don't know that our lifestyles are a match. He thinks that because I like to go out one night a weekend, that I'm a huge partier. Um, newsflash, sir. I think after working a 40 hour work week, that I'm entitled to a couple drinks, ONE NIGHT OUT OF SEVEN. Maybe he's just a homebody. I, personally, love going out and meeting new people and being in crowds. So sue me!

Aaaaaanyways. Tonight is my second WW weigh in and meeting. My scale at home shows that I've lost between 5-6lbs since last Monday. The question is, what will the WW scale show. I'll be posting my weigh in results tomorrow! I also took measurements all over my body last week. I think I'll be doing that every two weeks to see my progress inches-wise.

Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

First day of Fall!

Even though, here in Texas it feels like Summer, here are some Autumn pictures (with some cute animals thrown in.. I couldn't resist!) Enjoy! :)

*All pictures found on google search.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adventures in online dating

You know, when I first started meeting people from online dating sites, I was a little embarrassed. I didn't want anyone to know that I was lame enough to meet guys online. But, it's becoming more and more common. I actually met my exes, T and C, online. So, I've reformed my prior thought of thinking people that meet online are losers. It really is a very convenient way to meet people. Plus, you already know quite a bit about them before your first date. Let's just hope they look like their picture! Haha.

As onboard as I am about this, my parents are definitely not. We had a big knock-down-drag-out when I met my ex. They're not quite as open minded about things as I am. But anyway, about 6 weeks ago, I started emailing a guy that lives near Dallas. We emailed for a few days, then moved on to texting and phonecalls. We seemed to get along GREAT. We're both extremely laid back and talked effortlessly about anything and everything. He told me after talking for about two weeks that he was surprised how comfortable he felt. It really did feel like we'd known each other months, not weeks. We decided that we wanted to meet because, let's face it, you can talk on the phone everyday but still not know for sure that there will be chemistry in-person. Since he lives in an apartment with one roommate, we decided that me driving there was the obvious choice, since I live with my parents lol. So, I told my parents, they again freaked out. I got a long lecture from my dad, but I went anyway.

I left right after work that Friday and headed to Dallas. From Houston to Dallas is about a 4.5-5 hour drive. We were both nervous and anxious before. He had a few drinks before I arrived, and had one waiting for me too. Alcohol always helps me loosen up. I had a little trouble finding his apartment complex, but called him when I finally arrived. It was probably 10pm. He came out to meet me at my car and help me with my stuff. When I saw him come down the stairs I was very happy that he looked just like his pictures. Tall, muscular, dark hair and eyes, and olive complected skin (he's Italian). So, we hugged and walked up to his apartment. I was extremely nervous since I was stone-cold sober. We talked, drank and watched tv for a bit. Things surprisingly, weren't awkward... YET.

Saturday morning, he went to the gym and I stayed and played with the kittens that he was fostering (makes him even sexier that he loves animals ;)). We decided to do something fun that day, so we went to Dave & Buster's. We played some games and played miniature golf. But, it was just so awkward. I can't really explain why, unless it's because we were sober again lol. That's awful to say, but really we had fun the night before. For dinner we had sushi, and that was good. Not near as awkward as D&B's. Went home watched a movie and then had sex. Even the sex was just awkward! Not BAD, just awkward. Like when you sleep with someone new and you're just not comfortable yet. Things didn't get better Sunday. He's kind of a homebody so we literally just sat around and watched tv all day and had awkward conversation until I left that afternoon. (I think I've overused the word awkward in this post but there's no other way to describe it).

We've continued talking through text and phonecalls. We've both talked about the fact that our last meeting was a tad awkward lol. So, I'm actually going up there again tomorrow for the weekend. I'm excited but nervous too. I want this weekend to be effortless like our conversations were before. I don't want another uncomfortable weekend. I plan on drinking if it gets awkward again lol.

Any suggestions or advice? Has anyone else gone through this type of situation? Where you really like someone, and have to work to get through the awkward phase?

Off subject, but day 3 on WW and I'm doing great on my plan. Hope I get a good loss this week! I'll have to be careful what I eat this weekend.

Happy Thursday! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weigh-in #1!

So, last night was my first Weight Watcher's meeting. I weighed in and was a whopping 195lbs. But, I'm ok with it only because I'm doing something to change it. This is my first time trying the PointsPlus program on ww. I've stayed on plan great today. I still have 22 points left. (I have 32 pts per day). I'm not even letting myself think that breaking plan is even an option, because it's not. This is it.
I actually started tracking my points on my iphone, which is something I've never bothered doing. So, I'm really hoping that will make the difference in motivation and just become habit.

I'm going to the gym tonight.
I plan on doing 20-25 minutes of light weights and then 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and bike.

Wish me luck ;)
Hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday! 

Friday, September 16, 2011


Hello, Hello lovely ladies! I've been MIA due to being Extremely busy and stressed at work. But, I'm back for good, hopefully. Not a whole lot is new with me. I've been on a few dates with a few guys. No real sparks yet. I've been continually gaining weight. I haven't weighed myself in atleast a month because I'm too afraid.



Though, I've been a "weight watcher" off and on for the last 3-4 years, I haven't been to a meeting in well over a year. I've tried doing this on my own, and it's just not working for me. So, even though there are 20 things I could have spent $40 on that might have been more productive, I decided that I'm worth it. My little sister's wedding is now 16 weeks away (between 3-4 months)! So, it is time to get my butt in gear. I've been slacking at the gym. I decided that when I am financially able to, I want to get back to taking yoga classes. I'm shooting for weight training/cardio 3 times a week, and then yoga 3 times a week. I'm so ready for a positive change in my life. I can't sit around anymore. I have to make it happen.

As much as I am so ready to find love, it just hasn't happened for me yet. You always hear that as soon as you're not looking, there they are! It also doesn't help that I'm overweight. So here's to me! Making myself happy and making positive changes in myself. That's all I can do right now, so I'm taking charge.

My first WW meeting is next Tuesday at 6:30. I'm a little hesitant about having an evening meeting because I will obviously weigh more then, than if it was a morning one. Anyone else have opinions on the times of day that the weigh-in and meetings work best for you?

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If you're looking for a pet....

I'm a firm believer in helping less fortunate animals and giving them a chance. If you happen to be looking for a pet of any kind, give petfinder.com a chance. I believe all the animals listed are either at shelters or rescues.

I realize I haven't posted in awhile! Sorry about that! And I know this isn't my usual-type topic to post about, but this was really on my heart today so I wanted to share! :)
I'll post again soon I promise! lol