Monday, September 26, 2011

Recap of my weekend in Dallas with awkward boy (aka R)

I hate to admit this. But on my way to see R, I stopped at Jack in the Box for some tacos and fries (I fit them into my WW plan, I promise!). And then when I was about 30 minutes from his place, I decided to add some vodka to my diet coke. I had to. I couldn't be stone-cold sober when I got there, especially if he was going to be his awkward self. So, needless to say I drove very careful and was feeling good when I pulled into his apartment complex.

I got out of my car and he came out to help me carry my things. We got up to his apartmentand immediately went into his bedroom. What can I say.. alcohol makes me horny and very forward. And SURPRISINGLY, the sex was great and not uncomfortable at all. We both passed out after that. Mostly because he had to be up at 3:30am to go to work. He worked from 4:30-11:30am. So, I pretty much slept and played with these little guys....

Now, since there were UFC fights on this Saturday, we had planned on going to a local bar to grab a few drinks and watch them. Let me remind you, by 5pm Saturday, I had not left his apartment since I arrived the night before. I was looking forward to getting dolled-up and going out. Especially, since I had been bumming in my pjs all day. All of a sudden, at 6:30pm, he decides that the bar will be too crowded and that he's just "not feeling it". He asks me if I mind if we just stay in and order the fights. I'm a people pleaser, so I told him that although I'd enjoy going out, if he really wanted, we could stay in. So we did.

Maybe I'm being a bitch about this, but I had packed some really cute outfits and saved some spending money for us to atleast go to dinner. But, nope, we ate sloppy joes and watched the fights on the couch in our pjs. Is it just me or does that already sound like a married couple? I mean geez.. the beginning is supposed to be the fun part. This whole situation just left a bad taste in my mouth.

I literally left his apartment ONCE the entire weekend. And that was right before the fights, when (in my sweats) I decided that I needed some vodka from the liquor store. Not even one dinner out.

It also didn't help that he kept asking me, "Do you feel comfortable around me?" To which I replied, "yes". I wanted to say, "Um, yes I'm comfortable, but you asking me that, makes me feel uncomfortable..duh!"

All in all, the weekend was less awkward than last time. But, I still don't know that our lifestyles are a match. He thinks that because I like to go out one night a weekend, that I'm a huge partier. Um, newsflash, sir. I think after working a 40 hour work week, that I'm entitled to a couple drinks, ONE NIGHT OUT OF SEVEN. Maybe he's just a homebody. I, personally, love going out and meeting new people and being in crowds. So sue me!

Aaaaaanyways. Tonight is my second WW weigh in and meeting. My scale at home shows that I've lost between 5-6lbs since last Monday. The question is, what will the WW scale show. I'll be posting my weigh in results tomorrow! I also took measurements all over my body last week. I think I'll be doing that every two weeks to see my progress inches-wise.

Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday!

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