Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Recap of Date #1 with "the engineer"

I have to admit, I was extremely nervous about this date. His online profile stated that he was 5'8". I'm 5'6", so that's taller than me, but if he exaggerated even an inch, I was going to feel like a giant. Plus, he's very thin, so had he really been 5'6", I was going to be awkwardly bigger than him. You never want to be bigger than a guy you're dating! Anyways, he looked cute in all his pictures; he has numerous tattoos and small gauges in his ears. All of which are turn ons for me.

We decided to meet at a local pizza place for dinner at 7. I made myself a small drink as I was getting ready, just to ease my nerves. I wore a black dress, black leggings, a bright red cardigan and white ballet flats (to make myself as short as possible). He texted me and said he was sitting outside the restaurant on a bench. I parked behind the building, fluffed my hair a little, and headed towards the front entrance.

I walked around the corner, said hey and he stood up to hug me, and thank God, he was taller than me. We walked in the restaurant, and it was completely empty. We sat at a booth and started talking immediately. The conversation flowed pretty easily, but I could tell he was pretty nervous.  We had some amazing pizza and complimentary chocolate cake. The bill came and we continued to talk for a bit. He asked me what my plans were the rest of the evening, (it was only 8), and I said I didn't really have any. So he suggested we go back to his place to watch a movie. I was a tad hesitant since this was a first date, but I agreed since things had gone well so far. He pulled out his wallet, and I did the polite thing and offered to pay for half of our $15 pizza, which he took me up on. This bothered me a little. I mean, I know I offered, but this was a first date, and the bill was only $15, AND he's an engineer, which means he probably makes stupid money. Oh well.

We settled the bill and left in our seperate cars to his apartment. We got inside and he showed me his Apollo 13 pinball machine (I'm not gonna lie it was fun), but it's a total bachelor pad. He started going through his movies and decided on "Peewee's Big Adventure".... Really?

So he puts this ridiculous movie in. It's somewhat funny. He keeps moving closer to me. Finally, the damn movie is over and he puts Conan on. He keeps asking me if I'm nervous, to which I said a little.

He has kind of a nerdy vibe, which is cute. He turns to me and starts kissing me. It wasn't bad, just unfamiliar. I tend to bite bottom lips when I kiss, and apparently that got him pretty worked up, which honestly, wasn't my intention. We made out for a good 20 minutes and then he started getting a little handsy. I'm not usually opposed to this, but come on, it's a first date! I told him that I should leave soon, because I didn't want more to happen. Ofcourse, he protested, but he is a man. I ended up leaving about 11. He walked me down to my car and kissed me some more. The goodbye was a little awkward and then when I turned around, he slapped my ass. I think he was really nervous, I don't know, because he immediately admitted he didn't know why he did this.

We've been texting today quite a bit and have both concluded that we'd like to go out again.

Verdict on date#1 with "the engineer":
I had fun. I want to see him again. But, do I honestly see a long term relationship coming from it? Probably not. Is this wrong, when I'm so ready to find my guy? Should I be alone, rather than hang out with cute guys that I'm moderately compatible with? I'm not sure of the answer to this yet.


  1. Me too! Girl- I've been on a million dates like this. Find someone else. You deserve the spark and the magic and someone who is going to pay $15.

  2. @Erin- Good, I'm glad someone enjoys them! :)

    @Dizzy Girl- You're right! It gets frustrating!