Monday, October 3, 2011

Tales of three drunken twenty-somethings

Hi everyone!
Boy, did I have an interesting weekend.

Friday was the Incubus concert. They were A-MA-ZING, as always.
So my best friend, Kristena, and I had lawn tickets. We're bopping around and screaming (I lost my voice ladies), and just enjoying the presence of Brandon Boyd.

Then Kristena sees my ex walking down by the seats (probably 25 feet in front of us). I'm like, "Yeah that really does look like him! I'm gonna text him and see!" Now this is not a previously mentioned ex. I dated this guy about 2 years ago. We were together about 8 months and it was semi-serious. But he had some major issues that I couldn't deal with any longer, we'll leave it at that. Anyways, I text him and ask if he's at the concert..blah blah.. He eventually (after the concert is over) says yes that was him. He was with a girl and I think he was afraid I was going to run up to him or something.. Puhlease. We texted the next day back and forth, mostly small talk and that was it.

Fast-forward to Saturday evening. I had plans to go out with most of my friends for an old coworker's 21st birthday. So we all pregame a little bit but we're taking my car so I don't have much. We get to Lucie's Liquor in downtown Houston. We start getting drinks, taking shots and having a good ol' time. My other best friend, Kelly and I head to the dancefloor. We start dancing with some foreign guys. Maybe Italian.. I don't know. The one in front of me grabs my boob! I don't mean one little grab.. Like he is full-on squeezing my boob in his hand over and over. EW! So I push him off me as hard as I can. I can't stand men like that.
Kelly and I continue to dance and then a hot bartender starts pouring shots down people's throats. We run over and get some for ourselves and keep dancing.

We walk back over to the bar where our tabs are at and who do I see? The ex I saw the night before's BROTHER! Weird coincidence. I talk to him for a bit.. Probably made a fool of myself. I tell him that I saw his brother at Incubus the night before. Then, he proceeds to tell me that my ex is MARRIED and was at the concert with his WIFE! Talk about fucking shocking me! I'm surprised he found anyone to put up with his shit! I was mature and was just like, "Good for him" you know?

Then... all hell broke loose. I don't know if the alcohol just all happened to hit me at once or what, but I started bawling my eyes out. Like the kind of loud crying you do at home and don't want anyone to see. I remember telling Kelly, as she was holding my cheeks and wiping my tears, that all my exes are married or engaged. Which, is pretty much true. If you dont know those stories read here and here. I just felt like, if that jackass found someone to marry, what the fuck is wrong with me?

So here I am, having a major meltdown in a crowded bar. I hope to God that my ex's brother didn't see me. Geez. So all of this happened, then Kelly throws up in her glass. So, obviously, bouncers are coming up and saying that she is too drunk. I start yelling, "No, she's not!!!!!!" The thought of all this cracks me up. I've been crying so my face is all red, probably with mascara running down my face, and I'm telling the bouncers that my friend, who just vomitted all over the place, is not too drunk. Real classy, Brittany, real classy.

We go to the bathroom to clean ourselves up. Don't really remember much about that. Then we find out that our group does, in fact have to leave. As we're leaving, we walk by the brother again, and my friend, Kristena flips him off right in his face. I wish I remembered that because I'm sure the look on his face was priceless. I continued to cry all the way to the car.. the entire way home (no, I did not drive). I think I fell a couple times, because my ankle hurts today like I twisted it. Although, I think I was near being sober when we got back home, I was still so overcome with emotion.

 I drunk texted my ex (J my highschool sweetheart). Thank God I only said "Hey" and didn't embarrass myself too bad since he's fucking engaged. I swear my drunk little hands just have a mind of their own with my phone.

To top it all off... I drove through Whataburger and ate a burger and fries when I got home. Let me remind you, my 3rd weigh-in is today. UGH I'm mad at myself for that. If I ever wondered whether I was an emotional eater, I think we all know the answer to that now. Hopefully that one meal isn't going to make me gain this week.

I hope you all had a less-dramatic weekend than I did! :)

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  1. Wow, just reading that made me exhausted. Glad you survived it all! haha

    And please, just because they found someone to marry them doesn't mean there's a damn thing wrong with you. It just means they weren't meant for you.