Monday, November 14, 2011

J (airport guy)= me pulling my hair out

I was pretty excited when J told me this past Friday, that he was going to get off work early on Saturday, and wanted to hang out that night. So, like the dumbass I am, I went shopping at Marshalls after work to look for some cute outfits. I ended up finding a bunch of cute items (one of which I planned on wearing Saturday night) and only spent $40.

Saturday evening comes and we actually had my aunt's wedding at my house at 5:30. So that was nice and we had a big Mexican feast after. I got to visit with all my cousins that I don't get to see often. Anyway, 8:45pm comes and here are the texts that follow:

8:45pm Me: You still want me to come out?

9:08pm J: Idk what I'm even doing yet. I will text you when I find out.

Uhhh alright, DICK! Thought you were going to be hanging out with me.

10:01pm Me: Alright..

In the meantime, while waiting to hear from his dumbass, I decided to join my best friend, Kelly, at her house. I picked up wine on the way and we just watched movies. Then.......

11:24pm  J: Damn i am fucked upp. What r u doin

12:02am  J: Whast upp

12:10am Me: Drinking wine at Kelly's.

12:12am J: Oh nice. Im dlightly intoxciated. Sorry for texting uu back so late. If u wann come up u caan

12:22am Me: You live an hour away.. It's too late

12:24am J: Ok. Sorry it was so latte geting back too u

12:26am J: Even if i give u money for gas?

12:34am Me: Well I've been drinking wine because I assumed you didn't want me to come up.. And I don't want to drive an hour with alcohol in my system.

12:36am J: Oh ok. Im sorry i drank alot between 10 and 11 thats whaat the delay wasd

12:45am Me: Meh, no big deal

1:35am J: What r u doin now

1:40am Me: Watching South Park with Kelly.. About to go home.

1:41am J: Ahh ok. Yeah I'm drunk and laying in bed now

1:55am Me: Fun.

1:57am J: Ehh not really. I don't have a girl with a big booty next to me in bed

2:09am Me: Yep I'm about to crawl in bed alone too.

I can't even tell you how pissed off and disappointed I was. Thank God Kelly was home or I would've sat in my room and cried while watching Grey's Anatomy all night. He treated me like a fucking booty call after we already had set plans. I'm taking a BIG step back from him. I'm just glad I had enough sense to tell him no.

But my main thing is, we had plans. I don't care if he was out with his friends drinking, I could've met him at the bar he was at. But no, he decided that was much more important and I could wait till nearly 12:30am to drive a whole fucking hour. I don't think so buddy.

The thing is, I do like him. But, what he did was incredibly disrespectful, in my opinion.

Anyone have any advice?
Should I kick him to the curb?
 Or maybe give him another chance (while playing hard to get and being too busy for him to teach him a lesson)? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

I heart Of Mice & Men.

No not the book. The band.

I went to another concert this week and saw Of Mice & Men again. They're a kickass screamo band that I love. I was determined to get as close to the stage (and Austin Carlile) as possible.

I ended up getting about 5 feet from the stage. None of my friends would go that close with me because of how crazy the crowd was. I'm SUPER surprised I held onto my phone the entire time while taking pictures and video. I was getting knocked around like a ragdoll.

At one point, I was jumping up and down and got pushed forward and when I landed, completely twisted my ankle. Not sure if I sprained it or not, but it's still swollen. But it was totally worth it!

Here's some pics from the show!

Me with my two besties.

Austin Carlile. Say it with me now, YUM.

Oh and when I got home and took my sandals off, my mom looked at me in horror and was like, "What happened to your foot?!" Yeah, not only did I get a swollen ankle, but my toe was all bloody haha.

But, anyway I had a blast. I'm still trying to play "hard to get" with J, but it hasn't proved to work yet. I really want to see him tonight, but I'm definitely not asking him to do something. Fingers crossed he'll catch on.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Why is it so hard to "play hard to get"?

Does anyone else have the problem of being too available when in the early stages of dating someone new? It's like it's in our genetics or something. I know playing hard to get works, because it's worked for me before and when a guy does it to me, it drives me nuts! So why can't I do it easily?

I need to start leaving my phone in my car while at work. Although, I probably couldn't concentrate because I'd be wondering who had texted me. So as I said in this post, I'm starting to like J a lot. Therefore, I'm constantly checking my phone and wondering when I'll see him next. Yesterday morning he sent me a text asking me what I was doing all day, to which I told him I had no plans. He replied with a vague statement about seeing me, but didn't come out and ask me to hang out. I waited a bit as the conversation moved to another topic and finally decided to ask him if he wanted to hang out.

His reply was something close to, "Let me see what I'm doing. I'm about to head to the gym and then going to visit my parents later." This was at 1:30pm. I decided not to respond.

I decided to go to a guy friend's house and drink and play video games. I'm glad I did because I didn't hear from J until 8:30pm. Why do guys do this?

Hint to us that they want to hang out, only to reject us and make us feel like idiots when we ask.

I'm vowing to play hard to get from now on. No matter how hard it is for me. Because it works.
Anyone have any advice or tips on being less available?

Oh, and I'm going to my WW meeting tonight. I've skipped the last 3 I believe.
Time to get back. And Kelly and I are hitting the gym tonight.

That's what I'll do. Put all my frustration into my workouts (while leaving my phone at home). That way, I'm playing hard to get and working my way to looking hotter. ;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Is anyone else stoked that we get an extra hour this weekend?!

Hello Pretties!

How was your Halloween? I ended up dressing as a flapper. It was the cheapest costume I could find last minute. Went to a Halloween party on Saturday, but I was hungover from the night before with airport guy. (I'm going to start referring to him as J, because it seems like he may be around for awhile.)
So, I really didn't drink much and was actually kinda lame. I was exhausted from A) going out with J and staying up waaaay too late, and B) because J has a twin bed. Yep, we both slept in his twin (and no we did not have sex). So, obviously, I barely got any sleep at all lol. As soon as I got home from the Halloween party, I passed out like I was wasted, even though I'd literally had one drink.

Ha, the one jello shot I took all night.

Me and Betty Boop

Not a whole lot to really blog about. No new dates with new boys.
I went to see Bayside live last night at Warehouse Live. That was fun!
And J met me there, so he got to meet one of my best friends and her husband. I was excited about that.
I always hope my friends approve of the guys I like, and J and her husband seemed to hit it off, so that was good. After the concert, my friend Kelly and her husband, left because they got overcharged $30 for drinks and were pissed. But it was only 10:30, so J and I went to Lucky's Pub, which was right next door, for drinks and Southwest eggrolls. Yum.

So far, I really like J, but it's still early to be getting my hopes up. I mean we only met 2 weeks ago, but we text every single day. I like the way things are going, but I'm super attracted to him and I kinda really want to sleep with him. But, I keep telling myself, it never works out when you do it too early. And in my opinion, if you wait until your feelings are just as strong as your attraction, it makes it so much better.

(insert clever title here)

So the night before Halloween, I hung out with airport guy. He spent all day looking for a costume, so I didn't leave my side of town till about 9ish. He lives an hour away, which sucks, but it's doable.

I got there around 10:15 and he was just hanging out with his roommate and some other friends. They decided they wanted to go out somewhere, which I was all for. So we went to a bar that was just a few minutes from his apartment. We all sat down and started getting drinks. I usually stick to vodka diet cokes. Low calorie and it gets the job done ;). So I order one and try to pay and he shoos my card away and starts his tab. I start feeling good and we kiss a little. He keeps ordering me drinks. Pretty sure atleast one was a double, so by the time we leave I'm past the point of feeling good and starting to feel bad.

I don't remember much about when we got back to his place, except as soon as I sat on the couch the room started spinning and I knew I better get to the bathroom quick or I was going to throw up right there. I had flashbacks of this night, and I did not want a repeat. So I went into the bathroom, alone haha and threw up. When I walked out, I remember him saying, "How you feeling, Champ?", to which I responded by walking into his room and collapsing on his bed.

Still embarassing that I threw up, but atleast he didn't see it and didn't see me throw up, naked. Other than that, I don't remember much else from the night. I know we fooled around but did not have sex.
Oh, did I mention he has a twin bed? Yeah. Seriously. So I did not sleep well. At. All.