Friday, November 11, 2011

I heart Of Mice & Men.

No not the book. The band.

I went to another concert this week and saw Of Mice & Men again. They're a kickass screamo band that I love. I was determined to get as close to the stage (and Austin Carlile) as possible.

I ended up getting about 5 feet from the stage. None of my friends would go that close with me because of how crazy the crowd was. I'm SUPER surprised I held onto my phone the entire time while taking pictures and video. I was getting knocked around like a ragdoll.

At one point, I was jumping up and down and got pushed forward and when I landed, completely twisted my ankle. Not sure if I sprained it or not, but it's still swollen. But it was totally worth it!

Here's some pics from the show!

Me with my two besties.

Austin Carlile. Say it with me now, YUM.

Oh and when I got home and took my sandals off, my mom looked at me in horror and was like, "What happened to your foot?!" Yeah, not only did I get a swollen ankle, but my toe was all bloody haha.

But, anyway I had a blast. I'm still trying to play "hard to get" with J, but it hasn't proved to work yet. I really want to see him tonight, but I'm definitely not asking him to do something. Fingers crossed he'll catch on.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

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  1. I know this is a bit late, but I LOVE OF MICE & MEN! I saw them at warped tour and was just amazed! I love Austin Carlile and Shayley and Tino and pretty much the whole band! I actually did a post about them on my blog if you want to check it out.

    Marja <3