Friday, November 4, 2011

Is anyone else stoked that we get an extra hour this weekend?!

Hello Pretties!

How was your Halloween? I ended up dressing as a flapper. It was the cheapest costume I could find last minute. Went to a Halloween party on Saturday, but I was hungover from the night before with airport guy. (I'm going to start referring to him as J, because it seems like he may be around for awhile.)
So, I really didn't drink much and was actually kinda lame. I was exhausted from A) going out with J and staying up waaaay too late, and B) because J has a twin bed. Yep, we both slept in his twin (and no we did not have sex). So, obviously, I barely got any sleep at all lol. As soon as I got home from the Halloween party, I passed out like I was wasted, even though I'd literally had one drink.

Ha, the one jello shot I took all night.

Me and Betty Boop

Not a whole lot to really blog about. No new dates with new boys.
I went to see Bayside live last night at Warehouse Live. That was fun!
And J met me there, so he got to meet one of my best friends and her husband. I was excited about that.
I always hope my friends approve of the guys I like, and J and her husband seemed to hit it off, so that was good. After the concert, my friend Kelly and her husband, left because they got overcharged $30 for drinks and were pissed. But it was only 10:30, so J and I went to Lucky's Pub, which was right next door, for drinks and Southwest eggrolls. Yum.

So far, I really like J, but it's still early to be getting my hopes up. I mean we only met 2 weeks ago, but we text every single day. I like the way things are going, but I'm super attracted to him and I kinda really want to sleep with him. But, I keep telling myself, it never works out when you do it too early. And in my opinion, if you wait until your feelings are just as strong as your attraction, it makes it so much better.

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