Monday, November 14, 2011

J (airport guy)= me pulling my hair out

I was pretty excited when J told me this past Friday, that he was going to get off work early on Saturday, and wanted to hang out that night. So, like the dumbass I am, I went shopping at Marshalls after work to look for some cute outfits. I ended up finding a bunch of cute items (one of which I planned on wearing Saturday night) and only spent $40.

Saturday evening comes and we actually had my aunt's wedding at my house at 5:30. So that was nice and we had a big Mexican feast after. I got to visit with all my cousins that I don't get to see often. Anyway, 8:45pm comes and here are the texts that follow:

8:45pm Me: You still want me to come out?

9:08pm J: Idk what I'm even doing yet. I will text you when I find out.

Uhhh alright, DICK! Thought you were going to be hanging out with me.

10:01pm Me: Alright..

In the meantime, while waiting to hear from his dumbass, I decided to join my best friend, Kelly, at her house. I picked up wine on the way and we just watched movies. Then.......

11:24pm  J: Damn i am fucked upp. What r u doin

12:02am  J: Whast upp

12:10am Me: Drinking wine at Kelly's.

12:12am J: Oh nice. Im dlightly intoxciated. Sorry for texting uu back so late. If u wann come up u caan

12:22am Me: You live an hour away.. It's too late

12:24am J: Ok. Sorry it was so latte geting back too u

12:26am J: Even if i give u money for gas?

12:34am Me: Well I've been drinking wine because I assumed you didn't want me to come up.. And I don't want to drive an hour with alcohol in my system.

12:36am J: Oh ok. Im sorry i drank alot between 10 and 11 thats whaat the delay wasd

12:45am Me: Meh, no big deal

1:35am J: What r u doin now

1:40am Me: Watching South Park with Kelly.. About to go home.

1:41am J: Ahh ok. Yeah I'm drunk and laying in bed now

1:55am Me: Fun.

1:57am J: Ehh not really. I don't have a girl with a big booty next to me in bed

2:09am Me: Yep I'm about to crawl in bed alone too.

I can't even tell you how pissed off and disappointed I was. Thank God Kelly was home or I would've sat in my room and cried while watching Grey's Anatomy all night. He treated me like a fucking booty call after we already had set plans. I'm taking a BIG step back from him. I'm just glad I had enough sense to tell him no.

But my main thing is, we had plans. I don't care if he was out with his friends drinking, I could've met him at the bar he was at. But no, he decided that was much more important and I could wait till nearly 12:30am to drive a whole fucking hour. I don't think so buddy.

The thing is, I do like him. But, what he did was incredibly disrespectful, in my opinion.

Anyone have any advice?
Should I kick him to the curb?
 Or maybe give him another chance (while playing hard to get and being too busy for him to teach him a lesson)? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! :)


  1. If it were me I'd play hard to get to send him the message. Boys are so dumb sometimes.

  2. Unfortunately boys will be boys...*sigh* play even harder to get until he understands that you're not just a "booty call"...if he keeps it up kick him to the curb! GOOD LUCK!

  3. guys like this drive me insane. if he is just looking for a booty call he should just tell you.

  4. I have dated way too many guys like that. I'm sorry to say it but kick him to the curb. They never change. Unless you're happy just being sex buddies because that's all he wants. Otherwise he would have kept your plans

  5. what a foolish can't live with them, can't live without them..ugg