Friday, November 4, 2011

(insert clever title here)

So the night before Halloween, I hung out with airport guy. He spent all day looking for a costume, so I didn't leave my side of town till about 9ish. He lives an hour away, which sucks, but it's doable.

I got there around 10:15 and he was just hanging out with his roommate and some other friends. They decided they wanted to go out somewhere, which I was all for. So we went to a bar that was just a few minutes from his apartment. We all sat down and started getting drinks. I usually stick to vodka diet cokes. Low calorie and it gets the job done ;). So I order one and try to pay and he shoos my card away and starts his tab. I start feeling good and we kiss a little. He keeps ordering me drinks. Pretty sure atleast one was a double, so by the time we leave I'm past the point of feeling good and starting to feel bad.

I don't remember much about when we got back to his place, except as soon as I sat on the couch the room started spinning and I knew I better get to the bathroom quick or I was going to throw up right there. I had flashbacks of this night, and I did not want a repeat. So I went into the bathroom, alone haha and threw up. When I walked out, I remember him saying, "How you feeling, Champ?", to which I responded by walking into his room and collapsing on his bed.

Still embarassing that I threw up, but atleast he didn't see it and didn't see me throw up, naked. Other than that, I don't remember much else from the night. I know we fooled around but did not have sex.
Oh, did I mention he has a twin bed? Yeah. Seriously. So I did not sleep well. At. All.

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