Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Date #1 with IT guy

Here I go again with online dating.

I've been texting this guy for about 2 weeks, and he seems pretty cool. He works for Microsoft doing IT work (obviously why I'm calling him IT guy) and travels a lot. He's only in Houston Thursdays-Mondays. The other days he's working in Oklahoma City. The weird thing is, he's only 23 years old! I've literally never dated or gone on a date with a guy, my age or younger, but he seems pretty mature for his age.

We decided to meet up Christmas night, after I was finished with all my family stuff. We planned on meeting up at a bar first for a drink or two and then going to his place to watch some movies (we're both huge movie buffs). So, like usual, my family's shindig lasted a lot longer than I expected. He texted me around 10 and said that he was just going to stay in and watch movies, and he didn't feel like going out. I figured we'd meet another night, but he told me I was welcome to come have drinks at his apartment and watch movies like we planned. I was a little hesitant. Going to some guy's apartment that I'd never met. Kinda scary, but I decided there were no red flags showing that he was a psycho or anything, so I went.

I didn't get there until about 11:45pm. He walked down from his apartment, to the parking garage to meet me and he was exactly how I expected. We hugged and said hi, and began talking as we walked up to his place. His apartment was really nice and he has an awesome black cat named, Weezy, that loved me. Of course, I got distracted by the cat ha. We made drinks and kept talking. Mostly about his job and where all he has to travel. He really does seem like he's 26 or something.

He tells me to pick a movie, so I start looking through his library of dvds. There had to have been atleast 200. We decided on Seven, because I hadn't seen it in like 8 years and I'm always down for a scary movie. So, he's drinking beers and I'm drinking my vodka and cranberry juice, and the funny thing is, we're talking throughout the movie. We talked about other movies we liked, our families and our opinions on religion.

Before I know it, the movie is over and it's 2:15am. He asks me what I'd like to do, and I said that if he wasn't tired, we could watch another movie. He agrees and picks out The Social Network. We continue drinking and talking, and I notice him moving closer to me. Not anything obvious, but one of us was constantly going to the bathroom to pee because we were drinking lol. So, every time he'd come back to sit down, he'd get a little bit closer. When the sides of our legs were finally touching, he lifted the arm closest to me and rested it on the couch until he got up the courage to actually put it around me. It was all very cute. Even after that movie ended, we continued talking about music and what bands we'd seen live. Both pulling up different songs on our iphones to let the other listen.

 Eventually, at 5am, we were both tired and I decided it was time for me to head home. I grabbed my cranberry juice, since I had finished off my vodka, and walked to the door. I wasn't sure what to expect, but we ended up hugging and both saying we'd have to hang out again and I left. I kind of wished he had walked me to my car since I was a tad tipsy and it took me a couple tries to find the right stairwell to my car.

So not a real juicy date, but I did have a good time. I actually need to write a post on the guy I was seeing when I was MIA for a couple weeks, but it's kind of a long story. Let's just say, he ended up being a psycho. I'll try to write that in the next few days. Anyone else been on an interesting date lately?

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  1. I have never heard of the movie Seven. I will have to netflix it, I like scarey movies! Sounds like you had a fun date!