Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pictures of the Bachelorette Party and Day 9 on Phentermine

Hello ladies!

I want to tell you about my sister's Bachelorette Party! Of course I dressed her all up with a hot pink veil, and a big light-up ring. We started at my aunt's house, drank some sangria and "pink panty pulldown" punch (lol that's what it was called), and let her open her gifts. Then we did some stupid games like Who knows the Bride best?, and then a Bride-Groom quiz, which was cute.

Then, we headed to have sushi. Nothing too eventful there, but my sister was silly drunk.
So, after that, we get to La Bare. None of us had ever been to a strip club before, and I have to say it was definitely an experience! We had to pay to get in, and they offered me a package that included us being able to sit right in front of the stage, a lap dance for the bride, and a t-shirt. Obviously, I did that lol.

What I saw inside, was pretty crazy. There's a lot more touching than I thought there would be! The dancers were up on either the main stage or the little side stages. They don't get naked, but they're wearing tiny shorts. They were grabbing the women's hands and putting them on their junk! They were also kissing women on the cheek and neck. So my sister and her friends were dancing up right by the stage, so of course the men were pulling her up on stage.

Let me explain. The stage, when you're standing up, is about at your waist, so it's easy for them to pull you forward so you're laying on the stage. Well, a few of them did this, and pulled her on her back onstage, and were getting all over her. One actually did a headstand in her crotch like this! I took pictures with my phone, but I obviously can't share these. The dj yelled for anyone with $1 bills to lay on the stage and put them in your cleavage. My sister, a few of her friends and I decided to do this. So I laid down on my back with money in my boobs, and this guy is leaning over me shaking his junk in my face and pulled up my shirt with his teeth and licked my belly button! I was laughing my ass off. It was fun, but only for bachelorette parties.

Here's some of the pictures that I CAN show you.

Here's my beautiful little sister

I was putting a "Kiss the Bride" tattoo on her
The whole group
Kelly, Kristena and I

Bethany and I

Ok, on to my weight loss update. Today is my 9th day on Phentermine. I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was 187.2. This morning the scale said 186.6. The amount I'm losing is slowing down a bit, but I'm still extremely pleased with my results so far. I've lost a total of exactly 8 pounds in 9 days. I haven't worked out once, although I do need to. I also went on Tuesday to try on my bridesmaid dress and it actually zipped up! It had been let out about 2 inches, but it was too small by about 3.5 inches last time I tried it on. It's still too tight, so I have to keep this up. If I can lose another 8 pounds in the 16 days til the wedding, I will be ecstatic. I need to tone up my arms since it's a strapless dress. I feel like that's what makes me look so obviously fat lol.

Is everyone ready for Christmas?
I still have a lot of shopping to do.
Hope everyone has a great Thursday!