Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friday! Friday the 13th at that

Happy Friday the 13th!

No new news on the weight loss. I've pretty much stayed the same the last few days. Hovering right around 183. I went out with my best friend, Kelly, last night. There's a little bar that has $2.50 you-call-its on Thursdays. So, I saved up calories/points so I could have 4 drinks. We had fun talking about anything and everything and laughing our asses off.

Let me tell you a little about Kelly. She's gorgeous, confident, married and can talk to a brick wall. Anytime I'm with her, people come up to talk to us. She's just a very approachable person. And I love that about her. I wish I could be more that way. But anyways, eventually, a couple guys come up to our table. One of them covered in tattoos and pretty hot. All of them mostly talking to her. I enjoy watching them flirt and then her saying she's married and seeing their reaction, haha. She's very flirty, but never crosses the line to inappropriate. So the tattooed boy buys us both a buttery nipple shot, which we gladly accept. Before he even gets back to our table with them, another guy is there talking to us. He was out for his birthday and stumbling wasted lol. He and the tattooed guy actually got into a little argument once we had our shots. So the drunk one left and we continued talking.

 Eventually, tatted boy's 3 friends came over to chat too. They were a fun bunch. Boys are always so taken aback by how open and dirty Kelly and I are. We openly talk about sex, vibrators, dildos, you name it. After awhile, it was already 2am and the place was closing. Even though he knew Kelly was married, he mostly talked to her. Which is fine, I'm not jealous or anything. But when we were about to leave, he looked at me and was like, "So Brittany, can I get your number?"  Wait, what? He wants MY number? I can't decide if I'm selling myself short or if he decided he may as well get his second choice's number. I'm thinking the latter. But either way, I'm not one to refuse my number to a hot boy.

So I got home about 2:20am, crawled in bed and my phone starts ringing. Guess who? Yep, tattoo boy. I answer, reluctantly. He starts talking about me letting him come over to sleep on my couch so I'll trust lol  Then he asked if he could take me out tonight, I told him I had plans (a date) and he got all butt hurt about it. He came off a little creepy/clingy on the phone. But in person he wasn't that way at all. Oh well. I'll give him a chance.

And then I have a date tonight with a hot 35 year old man. A little older than me, but he's really good looking and in great shape. We'll see how it goes. Supposed to go have sushi and then he said he's taking me somewhere special after..? Hopefully, it's not his basement. Updates to come on Monday.

Now have a laugh at some of these Friday pictures I found.

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