Friday, February 17, 2012

My Valentine's Day date

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry, I know I said I'd do this post yesterday, but I had an aggravating day, and made it home hours later than I expected. But anyways.. On to Valentine's!

I had decided a couple days before February 14th, that I should probably get Apple Guy something. Just a little something and a non-mushy card. He was taking me to dinner after all. Well, I procrastinated and there I was Tuesday morning, trying to figure out what to buy him. I brainstormed with my best friend, Kelly, who had met him the weekend before. He had told us a funny story about throwing a fit in Kmart when he was 5 because he wanted another He-Man action figure. (I linked that because I had no idea what it was when he was telling me about it). So we decided it would be cute if I could find a He-Man toy somewhere to give to him as a funny, thoughtful gift. I start researching online and they don't have them anywhere. Well except Amazon, and I didn't have time for that lol.

In the meantime, AG texted me asking what time I'd make it to his apartment. I told him that I had an errand to run after work and then I'd be there. He responds with, "Errand? You're not getting me a gift, right?" I waited a little bit to answer and said, "Yes, but just a little something :)". His response to this is, "Ughh well my gift to you is dinner, hun". I told him that was fine. I didn't expect him to get me anything. I mean, of course a girl can hope that she gets flowers. Even if they're cheap grocery store ones. But I wasn't upset or anything. After calling 6 different Targets to find a He-Man dvd, I finally found one.

I get off work and start heading into Houston. I get to Target and they actually have two dvds, volume 1 & 2. They're literally $5, so I contemplate buying both. But then I think, I don't want to seem like I'm putting too much emphasis on this holiday when we're not even together. Thinking back now I'm like, Really, Brittany? Like one more $5 dvd would have made any difference?  Whatever, I think way too much into things. Aaaanyways, I grab the dvd and a really funny card with a guy's buttcrack on the front. Ok, maybe I overcompensated the fact that I didn't want a mushy card but oh well.

I head to his apartment and when I get there, I put his gift in my purse so he can't see it. He meets me at the door and says he needs to take a shower and do some laundry and that I was welcome to chill on the couch and watch tv. I got there about 4:30 and our dinner reservations weren't till 8:15 so it was no big deal. I settle on the couch to watch The Dog Whisperer while he showers. He comes in the living room when he's done and watches tv with me for a little bit and then starts getting his laundry together. I'm sure you're all wondering why the details of this is relevant, but you'll see. He's about to load the washing machine and I hear him say, "Shit, [my roommate] used the last of the detergent last night!". And I'm like, "Well, just wait and do laundry later." He says that he has way too much laundry to wait (which there was a lot).

So he asks if I mind if he runs to the store to get detergent real quick, which I don't. I was wearing heels and really didn't feel like doing unnecessary walking, so he told me just to stay and relax and watch tv. He leaves and I continue watching tv. Some time goes by and I'm like, Geez it's been like 40 minutes since he left. A few minutes later, I hear his key in the door. He opens the door and walks in carrying laundry detergent and these beauties.......................

Talk about surprising me!!! Of course, the first, inappropriate, words out of my mouth are, "You little shit!". Ha, I do love surprises, but now I felt bad only getting him a little $5 dvd.  He really got that one past me. Obviously, I thanked him. And then I asked, "So were you planning this the whole time?" and he said he had. I didn't see it coming, and it was a breath of fresh air to realize that not all romance is lost. I mean, I've had serious boyfriends that didn't do things like this for me, and we're just "hanging out/talking". I'm pretty impressed.

I gave him his card, to which he laughed his ass off and was grossed out at the same time. And he actually really liked the dvd. I think he appreciated that I remember the little things like that. After the shirt he was planning on wearing was clean, he got dressed and we were ready to go. He looked very cute. Dark jeans, red shirt, sweater over it, with a tie. I wore the same dress from my birthday (since he hadn't seen me in it) and black hose and heels. I had to drive since his car didn't pass inspection, which he profusely apologized for. He told me we were going to a cute Spanish restaurant called Tintos, which served wine and tapas. It was adorable! Very classy and the food was amazing!

First thing I ordered were empanadas with some special avocado-lime-ranch tasting sauce. Yum yum. Then I had some sort of potatoes with different sauces. I know SO specific haha. Well he's Costa Rican so he was telling me what everything was. He ordered us a bottle of wine to share and we had a really good time. At one point he said, "So are you having a good time? I mean, are you glad we met and have been getting to know each other?". So cute. We finished by sharing some shrimp (see tails above) and then flan. I kinda took the picture a little too late, but the food was so good I didn't want to take the time to get my phone out.

He paid the bill and we drove back to his apartment. I went in for a little while and ended up falling asleep on his couch. He woke me up at midnight so that I could get home and get some sleep for work the next day. So, all in all, I'd say I had a pretty fantastic Valentine's Day!

Ok, so total change of subject, but I've been thinking about getting bangs. Like straight-across bangs. Not the extremely thick, blunt ones though. I can't decide though. Summers here are extremely hot, so I'm sure they'd get gross and sweaty then. Another thing, I have a somewhat round face. I've never been able to really decide what my face shape really is, but it's got to be between oval and round. Unfortunately, I carry weight in my cheeks. I just don't know if they'd look good on me. But, I've had the side swept bangs for years and I'm ready for a change. I just read this article so maybe I'll measure my face when I get home. Gosh I sound ridiculous lol.

Ok, examples of what I like:

And you can even still push them to the side like this...

Ok ladies! I need your help! What do you think? And please be honest, you won't hurt my feelings. Leave me a comment, please! :)

Sorry this post was waaay longer than I predicted.

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

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  1. I love this post! Sounds like your Valentine's Day was perfect!

    I've been thinking about getting bands but I'm not to sure myself. I mean I'v had bangs and all that but I never really stuck with styling them. After a day I would just put the to the side and then I would get mad at myself for cutting them! I plan on getting hair extensions since i have short hair so maybe when I get them, i'll cut my bangs again and then I'll have the look i've been wanting to get for ages now!

    WOW! Didn't mean for the comment to get so long!