Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things are resolved with Apple Guy

So, I bit the bullet and texted him after three days of silence. I apologized and he's still hurt, but we're ok now. I actually went to hang out with him on Friday night and stayed the night. I'm thankful that when I got to his place, he acted normal and didn't make things awkward.

Last night, his roommate's band performed again, but over in my neck of the woods. So Kelly and I went and had a good time. No drama this time lol. I actually left my phone in my car just because I didn't want to deal with it anyway. I ended up staying the night with him again and it was the first time we "slept together". You know what I mean. I'm not giving details, but I was a little disappointed. Not with him really, just that he was really drunk and it was 4am for our first time.. I don't know. Guess I just hoped for it to be a little more romantic. Oh well.  

I'm pretty boring today. Nothing juicy to blog about.

It's a gorgeous day in Houston.
Here's  my new Florida sunglasses (I was stuck in traffic, not driving lol)

Here's to an interesting week!

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  1. Lovely shades!! I'm glad you guys worked it out! I'm sorry that your special moment wasn't so special.