Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I don't what to do...

There's something I've been wanting to blog about..

Something that has had a pretty big effect on my life and my relationships..

But I'm really scared.

It's something that people are super judgmental about and that I'd die if random people I know, found out. But, it's also something I wish I could vent about the most.

 I'm just not sure...


  1. let it out girlie you are only making yourself feel worse by holding it in... if you post it leave it up for a day or two then take it down or make it private if its something you change your mind on!

  2. you never know, whatever it is, someone could be feeling the exact same way, and knowing someone else out there is having the same problem or thoughts, can be comforting.

  3. I'll always be here for ya!!! <3

  4. I enjoy reading your blog! I hope you continue to write: whether about heavy, important stuff, or fluff. I'm a fan!